Residential Care


Residential Care / Assisted Living

We will help you find the right living arrangement and organise your assets so you can make best use of your entitlements and benefits.

At TBA Aged Care Financial Advisers, we specialise in a straightforward, objective approach to the financial implications of relocating to a retirement village.

We will work with you to make sure every detail is considered, to help you make your decision confidently, even when the situation is urgent.

Residents with low means are eligible for full government subsidy towards their cost of accommodation and care. The Government funds the person’s cost of accommodation entirely and the person will not be liable for an accommodation contribution. Instead, a low means resident is only liable for the basic daily care fee and any other additional services they elect for.

Before entering an aged care facility, a person’s health must be assessed and a formal ACAT assessment is required.  Since July 2014, with the Government’s introduction of the Living Better, Living Longer reforms, fees and costs will also apply to each resident regardless of the level of care required.

This means there are many factors to consider when moving into assisted living. We can help you make empowered decisions and answer all the questions you’re suddenly faced with;

  • How do I start to find a place in a Residential Aged Care facility?
  • What upfront costs will I need to pay?
  • How much will I pay for ongoing care?
  • Will I need to sell my family home?
  • Is there any Government support I’m entitled to?
  • Am I eligible for any extra Centrelink benefits if my partner has to go into care, and how do I maximise anything that I am entitled to?
  • I have assets and income above the Centrelink thresholds, how will these be assessed?
  • What are Aged Care bonds?
  • Will I have enough to spend?
  • Will I have something to leave for my family?

How we can help?

We understand that the financial aspects of the aged care system can seem complex.

We will assist you to fully understand your financial situation and the way that this relates to your aged care choices.

We can:

  • Review your financial situation and help you maximise your Centrelink benefits and minimise care fees as much as possible.
  • Identify income and assets that will be used for assessment.
  • Review, recommend and organise appropriate investment strategies.
  • Recommend if you need to meet with a solicitor to create or update a Will, Power of Attorney and Guardianship.

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