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Our team has been specialising in Aged Care Financial Advice for many years. We’re proud to service the Central Coast aged care community and help you make financial decisions that give you control, comfort and confidence.

Our Services

Aged Care Financial Planning

Our approach to Aged Care Financial Planning will give you straightforward, easy to follow guidance and strategies to help you manage your financial affairs, for whatever may come next.

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Estate Planning

Accessing aged care services such as a retirement village, home care or residential care doesn’t mean you will have nothing to leave your family.

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Entitlements & Benefits

We can help you find and claim benefits and entitlements to give you choice and confidence in aged care services.

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Retirement Villages

Moving to a retirement village can be an excellent option for older Australians. Our expertise in aged care financial advice for retirement villages means we can give you a clear picture of the costs, pension entitlements and payment terms available to you.

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Home Care

Home care can be an excellent way to stay in the comfort and familiarity of your home for you or your loved ones. It gives you independence, with the confidence that comes from having the right support for day to day living activities.

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Residential Care

We will help you find the right living arrangement and organise your assets so you can make best use of your entitlements and benefits.

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Aged Care Financial Planning

Our Approach

Our approach will help you and your loved ones make the changes you need in your living arrangements and care with confidence. We help you make informed decisions, save you time in researching the complexities of the options and funding you may be eligible for, and offer an unbiased perspective to help guide your family.

Our role is to help you understand what the pathways are, to offer impartial advice and our wealth of experience and give you a clear picture – so you can focus on making the choices that are best for yourself and your loved ones.

Family Consultation

No matter what you or your loved one’s needs or stage of life, we begin by sitting down together so we can understand the full picture.

At this meeting we will cover your options and preferences, explore any concerns you and your family may have, decide who needs to be involved in making decisions and look at what assets, cash flow, estate planning, financial commitments and outcomes we need to consider.

Everyone has unique circumstances and goals, and by starting out with a full consultation, we can then create an individual Aged Care Strategy Paper to help you make the right decisions.

Advice and Guidance

Once we have a clear and detailed picture of your individual circumstances, we will create an Aged Care Strategy Paper which will clearly set out your options, offer guidance around which financial planning structures may be suitable, help you prepare for your government financial assessment, and understand what fees may be payable.

This paper will help guide you through the range of decisions to be made and give you clarity and confidence that you have a thorough understanding of your options.

Once you and your family have made some decisions, we will negotiate on your behalf and assist you in accessing benefits and entitlements.

Supporting you into the future

We’re here to support you with further estate planning or when your family needs change. Our relationships and long standing support of the Central Coast aged care community means we can offer recommendations and connect you to services you may find helpful.

We can help you find new or alternative services when your care needs change, update addresses with all relevant government bodies when you move, and advise you when changes in entitlements may affect you. Our focus is on providing you with the right information at the right time, so you can focus on supporting your family through a time of transition.

Our team will help you plan for your future, whatever may lie ahead, and offer you a clear view of your choices so you can stay in control.

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