Aged Care Financial Planning


Aged Care Financial Planning

Our approach to Financial Planning is holistic - that does not mean it is not targeted, or flexible. No matter what aspect of Financial planning you require, you will find that the advice we provide is straightforward, easy to follow and designed to help you successfully manage your financial affairs, for whatever lies ahead.

As circumstances change, be it yours or to those closest to you, you’ll find that your needs do as well. The same goes for financial planning. As illustrated below, there is an emerging need for quality financial advice that covers a range of select services – from Financial and Estate planning to Aged Care planning and more.

TBA Financial Advisors can work with you to create a strategy that will help you and your loved ones prepare for transition and change. In doing so, we can help to minimise the stress that can come with making important financial decisions and ensure that the focus remains firmly on what’s really important.

Time too, matters. Our wealth of experience means we can quickly identify areas that need consideration and help you to arrange your finances in such a way, that you or your loved ones can take advantage of any entitlements, benefits or refunds you are eligible for – quickly and efficiently.

Why should you consider Financial Planning?

Financial planning helps you to grow and protect your wealth and that of your family. It also ensures you will be prepared for any kind of sudden unforeseen adversity. Quality financial planning can help to safeguard your family and all those important to you. Importantly, it can help you to live a comfortable and enjoyable life after you retire.

The value of quality financial planning extends well beyond the idea of money alone – it’s a means of simplifying your life and giving you a sense of security and peace of mind about your current financial position and where you will find yourself, financially, in the future.

Estate Planning

Accessing aged care services such as a retirement village, home care or residential care doesn’t mean you will have nothing to leave your family.

We will work with you to define and create a plan tailored to your circumstances so you can make an informed choice about leaving something for your loved ones, while still being able to find the right aged care support for yourself or family.

While your family’s finances may differ in terms of investments, assets, whether you own a home and what the home is worth, we know that most people hope to leave a legacy for their family.

We will explore the right approach to enable you to create bequests, and afford services and care to enjoy your retirement.

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